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Excellent working environment to improve employee satisfaction

Nanhua provides an excellent working environment with spacious and bright office spaces, equipped with advanced office equipment and comfortable rest areas, dedicated to creating an efficient and pleasant working atmosphere for employees.

Comprehensive employee benefits

Nanhua organizes diverse activities for employees, including team building, sports competitions, interest groups, and holiday events. These aim to enrich employees' leisure time, strengthen team cohesion, enhance motivation at work, and provide platforms for talent display and mutual exchange. This fosters holistic development of physical and mental well-being among employees.



Various employee activities to achieve work-life balance

Nanhua complies with national laws and regulations, continually enhances employee benefits, including medical insurance, paid annual leave, holiday bonuses, and employee care programs. We are committed to safeguarding the physical and mental well-being, as well as the happiness of our employees and their families, fostering a warm and supportive work environment.

Rich training activities for self-development

Nanhua offers a variety of training activities, including contract training, safety production training, professional skills enhancement courses, and leadership development seminars. These aim to improve employees' overall quality and professional competitiveness, ensuring they possess necessary knowledge and skills for their roles, and promoting both personal and career development.


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