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Service Center Introduction

The Service Center primarily handles after-sales services for our products, with professional consultants and senior engineers dedicated to serving customers. We ensure a rapid response to customer needs.

Scope of Service

Customer service is mainly divided into two categories: after-sales service and equipment repair & maintenance.

After-sales Service

After-sales service inquiries and communication matters are directed to the service staff for targeted handling of customer needs.

Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Requests for equipment repair are forwarded to the respective regions or service stations, where professional technical engineers are notified to conduct fault diagnosis. By telephone, video, remote operation and other networking technologies, we transcend spatial constraints to promptly provide customers with technical supports, efficiently resolving issues.

If on-site support is necessary, a on-site support ticket will be created and seasoned after-sales technicians will be dispatched to follow up.

Nanhua's self-developed service work order monitoring system grasps the real-time status of work orders and responds to customer needs in a timely manner.

Service Feedback
Service Feedback

Upon resolution of the matter, our customer management system will disseminate a post-service questionnaire to the service recipients. By collating responses from these questionnaires, we aim to compile insights into post-service issues and deficiencies and analyze product usage scenarios to optimize service strategies and solutions.


After-sales Service

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