The 17th China Expo Specialized and Special New Products Conference

From September 16 to 17, sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of market supervision and administration, and the people's Government of Guangdong Province, and undertaken by the Department of industry and information technology of Guangdong Province, the "17th China Expo special new products conference" was held in Guangzhou. Our company's new NHVOC-1P volatile organic compounds analyzer stands out from 119 new products of specialized and special new enterprises in all provinces and cities of the country. Through the wonderful roadshow of engineer Li Youbing, the company and its new products have come into public view.


Lian Li, a second-level inspector of the Bureau of small and medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in her speech that she hopes to gather resources and strength from all sides through the holding of this event. drive more small and medium-sized enterprises to take the road of "specialization, refinement, characteristics, and novelty", and promote the sustained, stable and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Nanhua Instruments has brought a self-developed NHVOC-1P volatile organic compound analyzer, which has attracted the attention of many professional audiences. Based on the measurement principle of photoionization (PID) and non-dispersive infrared absorption method (NDIR), the product is suitable for VOCs traceability, rapid detection of purification efficiency of governance facilities, organized and unorganized on-site emergency detection of enterprises, and leakage detection of pipeline emissions in chemical enterprises. It is equipped with detection and control APP, and cooperates with the analyzer host to carry out VOCs on-site investigation and analysis, positioning and filing, point detection data recording and instrument control, which can improve the on-site detection efficiency.

Wu Songying, vice president of the company, believes that the new product brought by this conference is an "environmental protection shotgun", which is mainly provided to the environmental protection department as a law enforcement instrument to quickly monitor the emission data of VOC emission enterprises during flight inspection, and is a powerful "weapon" for the environmental protection department to enforce the law ".

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