Nanhua Instruments Environmental Monitoring Products Appears at Guangzhou Expo

On September 16, 2020, the 6th China World Expo Guangzhou Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Guangzhou World Expo) was grandly opened in Zone B of the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall.

This exhibition provides 30000 square meters of exhibition area, brings together 401 environmental protection enterprises from all over the world, displays nearly 1000 kinds of ecological environment treatment solutions, and shows the environmental protection industry service, environmental protection technology innovation and advanced management experience and pollution prevention technology.

Booth and product pictures

Foshan Nanhua Instruments Co., Ltd. has introduced a newly developed volatile organic compounds (VOCs) online monitoring system with a series of detection technologies to Guangzhou Huanbo Exhibition (technologies include gas chromatography-hydrogen flame ionization detection (GC-FID), catalytic oxidation-NDIR non-dispersive infrared absorption method, photoionization detection (PID) VOCs online monitoring system and portable VOCs analyzer), which attracted many exhibitors to stop to watch and consult. Although masks reduce the voice of communication between the two sides, they cannot reduce the enthusiasm of communication between the supply and demand sides.

On-site staff's enthusiastic explanation

Photo | Chen Shaowen, Deputy District Chief of Nanhai District, Foshan, visited the booth to learn about the company's products.

The staff are Peng Bin, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, Yan Zhongkai, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, and Mai Jianbo, President of the Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association.

In the future, Nanhua Instruments will unswervingly continue to increase innovation, improve the core competitiveness of the company, and continue to invest high-quality and low-cost online monitoring products in the development of China's environmental protection industry, in order to realize the motherland's "green water and green mountains, beautiful China" contributes to the development of China's environmental protection industry!

South Agglomeration Area Exhibitors Team and Leaders

 Products and technologies displayed by Nanhua Instruments in Porduct

1. VOCs online monitoring equipment in line with the current small and medium-sized enterprises-non-dispersive infrared absorption method (NDIR) photoionization detection method (PID) is suitable for real-time monitoring of the operation status of purification efficiency (removal rate) of waste gas treatment devices for small and medium-sized enterprises.

2. On-line monitoring GC-FID, catalytic oxidation-NDIR (portable), PID and other series of on-line monitoring equipment

South China Instrument Company detects air pollution sources full range of products

3, Real-time transmission of data with the VOCs emission automatic monitoring and networking platform of pollutant discharge enterprises to realize data interaction with environmental protection departments.

4. The owner shall check the operation status of the equipment, the working energy efficiency of VOCs treatment device and the VOCs emission concentration status on the mobile phone at any time.

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