Nanhua Instruments strongly supports the national first-class competition -2017 China Skills Competition

On November 17, the National Level 1 Competition 2017 China Skills Competition-the 9th National Transportation Industry "Deco Cup" Automobile Maintenance Workers Vocational Skills Competition came to an end in Shenzhen. This competition lasted half a year from the local trials to the national finals. More than 3000 automobile maintenance engineering theories, comparison experience, and competition services from nearly a thousand automobile maintenance companies across the country, and a large number of outstanding "automobile doctors" stood out, effectively demonstrating transportation The innovative practice and spiritual outlook of skilled talents have inherited and carried forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen. At the closing ceremony, the leaders of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League presented awards to the winners and took a group photo.

Group photo of leaders and winners

From the provincial preliminaries to the national finals, Nanhua Instruments fully assisted and actively participated in the support of the competition. The latest product provided by the company, NHA-6000 motor vehicle emission detector, is a special product designated by the Ministry of Communications for this competition. The company won the contribution award issued by the organizer of the competition, the contribution award issued by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Transportation and the special contribution award issued by the Liaoning Provincial Selection Organization Committee.

South China Instruments Awards in National Finals

Jiangxi province preliminaries won awards

Liaoning province preliminaries won awards

The NHA-6000 vehicle emission detector is a professional matching vehicle detection and maintenance (I/M) system. It has the two-in-one detection function of gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles. It is the first PDA tablet computer intelligent operation mode, subverts the wired detection mode of the traditional exhaust gas analyzer, adopts Bluetooth and WiFi wireless network transmission mode, and gets rid of wired constraints. The dual idle speed method and the free acceleration opacity method are integrated into a PDA tablet computer for intelligent operation. The operator only needs to carry the tablet computer to complete most of the operation process.

NHA-6000 motor vehicle emission detector for contestants

The NHA-6000 vehicle emission detector provides a technical means to quickly judge the comprehensive fault analysis of the car. Contestants use this instrument to observe the vehicle emissions under different vehicle conditions, determine whether the engine has carbon deposits, whether the vehicle's electronic fuel injection control system and ignition system are faulty, whether the three-way catalyst of the exhaust system is poisoned, the activity is reduced, and the catalytic conversion The efficiency is affected, the reasons for the increase in fuel consumption, etc.

Contestants and referees are observing the results of the NHA-6000 vehicle emission detector test.

According to Yu Kaicheng, the chief referee of the competition, "Modern cars must be inspected for repair. Only when the exhaust gas is tested and qualified can the car leave the factory." He believes that this competition actively implements the concept of green maintenance and specially sets up exhaust emission testing items. As the mileage of vehicles increases, the working efficiency of engines, oil and gas equipment and exhaust purification devices will inevitably decrease, and the emissions of harmful substances will increase exponentially. In addition, the average age of vehicles in China is getting higher, and automobile exhaust pollution needs more attention.

Nanhua Instruments was awarded the plaque of R & D Center for Motor Vehicle (I/M) Emission Detection and Control Technology and Equipment

Automobile exhaust detection analyzer is one of the core equipment of automobile inspection and maintenance (I/M) station in China. Tao Hongyu, technical guide of the Sichuan Provincial Team and deputy secretary-general of the Chengdu Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, said that exhaust gas treatment is a comprehensive electromechanical detection and diagnosis, involving engines, ignition, emission control and other systems. In recent years, I/M stations have blossomed everywhere in the north and south of the river. The use of these advanced equipment in this competition can effectively test the ability of automobile maintenance workers to eliminate exhaust faults.

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