Guidelines for the Declaration of the First Batch of Investor Education Bases

Types of 1. investor education bases (hereinafter referred to as investment and education bases) The first batch of declared and named investment and education bases are national-level ones named by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.Teaching base.

Specific quantitative standards for 2. investment and education bases

(I) National Entity Investment and Education Base

1. Have a place dedicated to investor education, with a floor area of not less than 300Square meters; The trading day is open to the public; Receive the public not less than 500 person-times/month; Equipped with investment and education equipment for investors to demonstrate, experience and interact, and regularly updated and improved according to market development and investors' needs; There are special personnel trained to master relevant knowledge to guide and explain; There is a website or column to publicize the work of the investment and education base and update the content in time, updating not less than 5 pieces of information every month.

2. Book manuals, audio and video, simulated transactions or tours displayed or releasedThere are not less than 10 kinds of teaching products such as drama software, historical objects and explanation and introduction, so that the information is scientific and accurate, the language image is popular, the form is lively, and there are a certain number of original products.

3. Carry out distinctive, innovative and effective investment and teaching activities in the form of lectures and forums, internship training, consultation and answering questions, knowledge competitions, investor investigation and interaction, simulated trading competitions, etc., to form brand activities,It can meet the reasonable educational needs of investors in a timely manner.

4. It has the funds to ensure the normal operation of the investment and education base, which shall be included in the financial budget and earmarked for special use. There is a clear management department for the investment and education base, equipped with full-time investment and education staff; It has a perfect management and assessment system for the investment and education base.

5. There is no prohibition under the Guidance.

(II) National Internet Investment and Education BaseIn addition to the standards specified in items 2 to 5 above, the following standards shall be met:

1. Have a network platform dedicated to investor education; ready to accept socialPublic visits, the number of visitors is not less than 10000 people/month; equipped with software and hardware equipment to meet the educational needs of investors, and regularly updated and improved according to market development and investor needs.

2. The network protection system is perfect to ensure that the content of the website will not be illegally tampered with or deleted, and the information of users visiting the website will not be disclosed. The website column design is reasonable, easy to browse, and has user experience column; The retrieval function is powerful and the retrieval index is perfect. The website information is accurate and rich, the amount of information is not less than 200 megabytes, and the monthly information update rate is not less than 1%.

3. declaration materials

The subject of the declaration shall submit the written declaration materials in one form before October 31, 2015.Two copies shall be submitted to the Investor Protection Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission (Room 1803, Block B, Fukai Building, No. 19 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, zip code: 100033), and the electronic version of the application materials shall be sent to the bhj@csrc.gov.cn. Specifically include:

Application form for (I) investment and education base (see attachment, filled in by computer and stamped);

Duplicate copy of the business license of the subject of (II) declaration;

Construction and operation scheme of (III) teaching base;

Operation of (IV) Investment and Education Base in 2015;

(V) the investment and education products launched by the investment and education base in 2015;

(VI) the management and assessment system of the investment and education base.

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