Actively play the appeal processing efficiency and continuously improve the service level of investors

In recent years, Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Bureau) has taken appeal processing as an important measure of investor protection, adhering to the work orientation of "conscientious and conscientious for investors' rights protection and warm and meticulous service for investors". By improving the standardized level of appeal processing, building diversified settlement channels for securities and futures disputes, deepening the service function of appeal processing window and strengthening investor publicity and education, we will actively implement the duty of investor protection, be a good gatekeeper and patron saint of the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

Keep improving and strictly control the quality of handling demands.

Appeal processing is related to the vital interests of investors. The Guangdong Bureau insists on putting the quality of appeal processing in the first place, striving for excellence, and ensuring that the results of the processing can withstand the test of time and the weight of the people.

In order to improve the standardization and refinement level of appeal processing, the Guangdong Bureau has researched and developed an electronic petition processing system with query, statistics, analysis and trace functions to ensure that each complaint consultation is handled in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures and deadlines.

The Guangdong Bureau implements a "dual-core and dual-review" mechanism for investors' demands, that is, the reply to investors is cross-checked by the Legal Affairs Department and relevant business offices, and approved by the leaders of the sub-bureau and the main leaders of the bureau to ensure that the reply to investors is in accordance with laws and regulations., Reasonable and reasonable, so that investors can easily understand and accept.

The lead department of Guangdong Bureau's appeal handling department compiles the "Complaint Reporting Daily" on a daily basis, informing the business office of the demands reflected by investors on that day and drawing its attention in daily supervision. In the past three years, the main person in charge of the Guangdong Bureau has issued more than 100 instructions, requiring the relevant offices to seriously check and properly handle the major and complex demands.

For common complaints and consultation questions, the Guangdong Bureau, on the basis of constantly summing up experience, formulates a standardized response caliber involving more than 60 types of questions in 17 businesses, and repeatedly discusses and carefully deliberates each response caliber, so as to ensure that the policy is in place, the guidelines are clear and clear, and provide useful assistance to investors.

Warm service, and actively solve problems for small and medium investors

"Ya Zhai lying listening to the rustling bamboo, suspected to be the voice of folk suffering". The person in charge of the Guangdong Bureau often emphasizes that in order to implement the party's mass line in the work of securities supervision, it is necessary to completely change the style of work, strengthen the awareness of public servants, and "treat investors as family members and investors' difficulties as family matters". In daily interviews, the Guangdong Bureau requires staff to receive investors in accordance with the standards of "a smiling face, a greeting, a cup of hot tea, and a hot stool", so that investors can truly feel the warmth and care of the regulatory authorities.

In daily interviews, the Guangdong Bureau has established the working principle of "zero rejection", that is, all kinds of complaints and inquiries from investors cannot be simply rejected. For reasonable demands that fall within the scope of responsibilities, it is required to "handle in place, explain in place, and help in place"; for matters that do not fall within the scope of responsibilities, investors must also be provided with clear guidance. For this reason, the Guangdong Bureau has collected and sorted out nearly 70 complaints and reports from relevant departments for investors to inquire and use.

At present, there are 14 million investors in Guangdong's jurisdiction, accounting for about 1/10 of the country. Investors have active securities transactions and encountered many problems and disputes in transactions. The Guangdong Bureau empathized with the various difficulties of small and medium investors and actively extended a helping hand.

If the investor Bi Mou 20 years ago will be worth thousands of dollars of a securities certificate to Liaoning Jinzhou an institution custody, is now requested to coordinate as the institution's receiver of the jurisdiction of a securities company to verify and pay. Despite many difficulties such as long time and incomplete historical data, the bureau still actively coordinated relevant securities companies to carefully verify the account information and finally complete the payment.

Another example is investor Hu mou who reported that he opened an account in a securities business department in Guangzhou many years ago. now he has returned to his place of origin in Ningxia and is inconvenient to move, so it is difficult to handle the account cancellation procedures. after understanding the situation, the Guangdong bureau will coordinate the Ningxia branch of the relevant securities company to help investors successfully cancel their accounts.

The working concept of "serving the people in a hurry" has been integrated into the daily work of the Guangdong Bureau and into the conscious actions of every supervisory cadre. Sincere efforts have narrowed the distance between investors and the Guangdong Bureau. In 2014 alone, the bureau received hundreds of thank-you calls from investors, and some investors also made a special trip to present pennants.

Innovative mechanism, open up a diversified dispute resolution mechanism

Today, with the complex interest pattern of the capital market and the increasingly diversified demands of investors, it is difficult to effectively deal with the massive demands of investors by relying on limited administrative resources. The Guangdong Bureau takes advantage of the situation, actively transmits pressure to market operators, "borrows" from industry organizations, arbitration institutions, and judicial departments, and strives to build a diversified resolution mechanism for securities and futures disputes.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2014, under the supervision of the Guangdong Bureau, only the securities, fund and futures operating institutions in the jurisdiction compensated more than 900 investors for losses of nearly 5 million yuan through negotiation and mediation; through litigation and arbitration, investors were compensated for losses of more than 1600 million yuan.

As early as the beginning of 2014, the Guangdong Bureau issued a notice to listed companies and securities, fund and futures operating institutions in the jurisdiction, requesting that the complaint handling mechanism be further improved in accordance with the spirit of the Guobanfa [2013] No. 110 document, and effectively assume the main responsibility for complaint handling. Resolve hidden dangers at the source and handle complaints and disputes at the grassroots level.

The Guangdong Bureau guided the Guangdong Securities and Futures Association to establish the Guangdong China Securities Investor Service and Dispute Mediation Center, and selected 45 mediators who are familiar with securities and futures business and related laws, and used a combination of simple mediation and ordinary mediation to deal with various disputes. For mediation, a total of 293 securities and futures disputes were successfully mediated throughout the year. In addition, the center has also set up an investor dispute handling hotline, which serves as a special line for receiving investor consultation and handling dispute mediation, and arranges special personnel to answer, record and answer. The Guangdong Bureau also signed a memorandum of litigation and mediation docking with the Guangzhou Intermediate people's Court to make arrangements for the judicial confirmation of the mediation agreement and other matters to ensure that the mediation agreement can be effectively implemented.

In the first half of 2013, the Guangdong Bureau's appeal processing window suddenly received intensive calls from investors, focusing on consulting about Foshan Lighting's misrepresentation of civil compensation claims. After learning about this situation, the Guangdong Bureau immediately organized personnel to formulate relevant rights enforcement guidelines, successively answered questions raised by hundreds of investors, and guided them to entrust lawyers or file claims in the court on their own. During the trial of the case, the Guangdong Bureau gave full play to its professional advantages and provided the court with relevant loss calculation plans for its reference. At the same time, it also interviewed Foshan Lighting executives and asked the company to actively cooperate with the court to promote the smooth conclusion of the case. Under the vigorous promotion of the Guangdong Bureau, in November 2014, the relevant court made a first-instance judgment on the case and ordered Foshan Lighting to compensate the first batch of 930 investors with a total of 59.31 million yuan. This is the largest civil claim in the-share market in the past 7 years. The case was finally finalized in the first instance.

Preventive measures, appeal handling and investor education linkage

Information asymmetry, especially the lack of knowledge and information mastered by small and medium-sized investors, is an important source of the high incidence of illegal securities and futures activities. Since 2013, Guangdong Bureau has established a regular analysis mechanism for investors' demands, sorting out relevant risk matters collected in the demands processing work on a monthly basis, forming public welfare prompt information, and simultaneously sending public welfare prompt information to the vast number of investors through the SMS, WeChat and trading software systems of more than 800 securities and futures operating institutions in the jurisdiction.

According to statistics, in 2014 alone, Guangdong Bureau issued a total of 9 issues of public welfare information involving illegal securities risk tips and 6 issues of public welfare information involving major risk tips for market business, with investors receiving a total of 75 million person-times.

Through this information, the Guangdong Bureau pointed out the manifestations and harms of illegal securities consulting and securities practitioners' trading on behalf of clients, and reminded investors of the legal risks they need to understand when buying private equity funds and wealth management products. The list of illegal consulting agencies is directly made public, so that investors can capture and understand major market risk information at the first time, and form a situation of "rats crossing the street and everyone shouting and beating" illegal securities activities.

In order to adapt to the reading habits of investors in the information age, Guangdong Bureau has controlled the public service short messages of mobile phones within 80 words and the public service information of trading terminals within 150 words, striving to make investors "read in ten seconds and have an impression in one minute" and improve their acceptance. From the random interviews with investors, up to 90% of investors said they were "impressed" or "concerned" about relevant public welfare information.

The working mechanism of "appeal processing-investor education linkage" has brought good results. For example, in terms of non-related complaints, the number of relevant complaints received by the Guangdong Bureau in 2014 decreased by 84.7 compared with the same period last year. Investors' ability to identify illegal securities activities and self-protection has been significantly improved.

(Contributed by Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau)

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